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American STEM Education - Korea

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American STEM Education - Korea

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American STEM Education - Korea

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Chemistry & Biology

Vice Principal, STEM School

English Language Arts

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Melissa Ream



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Primary, Secondary


Advanced Placement (AP), American Curriculum (Common Core)


Cognia (formerly AdvancED and SACS)

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8329+CX Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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ASP will deliver a first-class STEM education that will further our students towards becoming well-rounded, English-speaking, critical-thinking students that are fully prepared for further study at an international schools.

ASP is dedicated to providing a STEM education to students in Korea and around the world! We prepare our students to become well-rounded, English-speaking, critical-thinking people that are fully prepared to further their studies at international universities. We aim for our students to be proficient in many aspects of STEM education and to graduate fully proficient in the English language. Our students will develop strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Our goal is that they will become strong leaders in whatever field of study they pursue in their future careers.

Being a dedicated STEM school, we are dedicated to the idea of improving students’ critical thinking skills. It is the heart and soul of STEM education and something we pursue in all subject areas. We believe that students should put what they learn into practice so that their learning is more memorable and relevant to their lives.

Students are committed to their studies and to doing their best and always striving to improve. We aim at building new leaders for the world through the use of teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration. We not only praise the successes of individual students, but also those who excel in a team setting as well because we know that we can achieve more as a team than as individuals.

The ASP community strives to maintain high expectations and standards in all aspects of the education field. Administrators and teachers are held to a high standard in all aspects of their job, whether it be working directly with parents and other staff members or teachers with their students and parents. We believe that we are capable of achieving more than we set out to do and are continuously making improvements within the organization. We strive to be an all-inclusive, multicultural community that embraces diversity and we embrace ideas from the world around us.

At ASP, we highly value the idea of having our students develop a growth mindset. Students are taught to embrace learning and that their talents can be developed through hard work, good study habits, and peer interactions and relationships. Perseverance is greatly encouraged and failures are seen as stepping stones and opportunities to learn in order to a have successful finished project.

School as a Makerspace
Our school’s STEM identity is characterized by our vision of our “School as a Makerspace.” As a STEM school, our Makerspace classrooms are one of our defining features. We are proud to host 5 Makerspaces across our campus, fully equipped with iMacs, 3d printers, robotics, circuit kits and other educational technology, in which our Engineering and Technology (E&T) classes are taught. As an Apple School, we uphold a 1:1 Apple device (iPad, iMac, MacBook) ratio for all our students and teachers, deeply committed to integrating Apple Education products into our curriculum. To fulfill our STEM vision, we teach Engineering and Technology as a core subject, which students attend 5 periods per week, just like other core subjects including Science and Math. However, our commitment to the “School as a Makerspace” philosophy doesn't end with our Makerspace E&T classes, instead it is just the beginning. We view E&T class as the place where students learn how to use technology and STEM practices so they can apply their knowledge in all subjects. At American STEM Prep we believe Makers run the world. We are dedicated to educating and graduating the next generation of makers and leaders.

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