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English Language Arts

American STEM Education - Korea

8329+CX Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea




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Contract Length:

1 year

Position Type:

Full Time

Starting Date:

July 30, 2024

American STEM Education - Korea

American STEM Education - Korea


South Korea

Position Description

English Literature & Composition Teacher at ASP

About Us:
American STEM Prep is a vibrant STEM high school where we nurture not only scientific minds but also creative hearts. We believe that a well-rounded education fosters both analytical and critical thinking skills, and that's why we prioritize a robust English Language Arts program alongside our rigorous STEM curriculum. We are seeking a passionate and dynamic English Literature & Composition Teacher to join our dedicated team and inspire the next generation of articulate and thoughtful communicators.
Design and deliver engaging lesson plans that align with the Common Core State Standards and AP English Literature guidelines, incorporating diverse and thought-provoking literary texts.
Cultivate a dynamic and inclusive classroom environment that encourages active participation, critical analysis, and respectful dialogue about literature.
Guide students in developing strong writing skills across various genres, emphasizing clear and concise communication, persuasive arguments, and creative expression.
Provide constructive feedback and individualized support to help students reach their full potential as writers and readers.
Collaborate with other English Language Arts teachers to develop a cohesive and effective curriculum.
Stay current with trends in literary scholarship and pedagogy and integrate them into your teaching.
Foster a love for literature and a lifelong appreciation for the power of language.
Master's degree in English Literature or a related field preferred.
State teaching certification in English required.
Experience teaching AP English Literature or AP Language & Composition is a strong plus.
Demonstrated proficiency in designing and implementing effective lesson plans aligned with the Common Core State Standards and AP curriculum guidelines.
Strong understanding of literary theory and analysis.
Excellent communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.
Passion for literature and a contagious enthusiasm for learning.

Compensation and Benefits:
We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including health insurance, Korean National Pension, severance savings plan, housing or housing allowance, and professional development opportunities.
Why You Should Choose Us:
Be part of a supportive and collaborative team of educators who are passionate about language and literature.
Make a real impact on the lives of your students by helping them develop critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills that will benefit them in all aspects of their lives.
Teach in a well-equipped and modern facility that fosters creativity and intellectual engagement.
Enjoy the unique challenges and rewards of teaching in a STEM-focused environment where you can bridge the gap between the sciences and the humanities.
We believe that words have the power to shape minds, spark imaginations, and build bridges. Join us and help our students become not just scientists and engineers, but also eloquent storytellers, insightful critics, and powerful communicators.


Min. Qualification:

Bachelor's Degree

Min. Experience:

1 year

Cover Letter:



Closing Date:

May 31, 2024

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