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Welcome MINDKORCS to the groups directory

A new community group MINDKORCS (Mindful Korean Schools), led by members of Korea Council of Overseas Schools (KORCOS), is about to launch on EdEvents! Organised and run by international educators in South Korea, the group's vision is to establish and maintain a strong, collaborative community of members committed to:

  • promoting the knowledge and practice of mindfulness in school communities;

  • creating a community of practice to support educators in their personal development of mindfulness skills and;

  • producing a wide range of mindfulness teaching resources that educators can draw on.

Whilst the focus of the group is initially on supporting those in Korea, all EdEvents members interested in creating mindful school communities are welcome to join and participate in the regular meetings.

Join the group and activate the group notifications to keep in touch with this developing community.

Hosting the online group on EdEvents will provide ongoing exposure within the wider international education community, with users of the platform making use of the various directories and over time discovering groups of interest such as MINDKORCS.

The group will also be advertising their events and meetups on the main EdEvents directory.


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