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Maker Ed Approaches to using Emerging Technologies

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Maker Ed Approaches to using Emerging Technologies

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8 Nov, 2023


4:00 PM
5:30 PM

Mixed Reality (MR) is rapidly transforming the educational landscape, offering immersive experiences that enhance learning and engagement. However, the potential for students to create and innovate within MR environments remains largely untapped. Our upcoming webinar, "Mixed Reality Maker Ed," aims to bridge this gap by focusing on the use of MR in Maker Education.

In this session, you'll gain insights from experts on how MR can be integrated into classroom settings to foster creativity and deep learning. Luis will showcase the application of MR in teaching physics concepts through "Mario Kart for MR," a lesson that employs augmented reality to make learning about velocity and friction both fun and impactful. Eric's presentation on "Megaminds - Global Maker Day adaptation" will demonstrate the power of 3D digital maker platforms in revolutionizing educational spaces with increased accessibility and collaboration. Finally, Terence from Eddy will wrap up with a summary and an interactive Q&A session, diving into the practical aspects of implementing virtual maker spaces and the broader implications for future educational practices.

Join us to explore the innovative ways MR can be used to inspire and educate, preparing students for a future where technology and creativity intersect. 🌐📚💡


Eddy – the Educator’s Buddy

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