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Elevation Coaching and Consulting

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solutions, Leadership Coaching

Audrey Pantelis is the founder of Elevation Coaching & Consulting, providing diversity, equity and inclusion solutions, alongside coaching programmes that are personalised, values-based and transformational – driven by understanding people and the power of change.

We are committed to helping schools and organisations have a deeper understanding and application of diversity, equity and inclusion, ensuring growth for all. 


We listen to YOU and hear what YOU need. We will then work closely with YOU to create YOUR solution, ensuring that any solutions we create provide legacy, accountability and tangible, transformational change that YOU are seeking. Our sole purpose is being of value and service to others. 


We look at your systems and processes and discuss your pain points and how we can overcome them. We will create solutions that we will adapt as they are rolled out because, people are people! We are driven by progress, fulfilling YOUR needs and OUR desire to make a difference. 

Elevation Coaching and Consulting

Elevation Coaching and Consulting

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Professional Services

United Kingdom

Focus Areas

RLE™: Resilient Leader Elements
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
School Leadership
Culture and Climate

Target Level

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Early Years

Subject Areas



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