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Online professional learning events in April

Are you an educator looking for free professional learning opportunities? In the next few weeks, three engaging online events will be taking place, offering valuable insights, discussion, and networking opportunities for teachers and educators of all levels. Whether you’re interested in learning more about inquiry based learning, starting difficult conversations in the workplace, or the future of AI in education, these webinars have something to offer. Plus, with no registration or participation fees, they’re an excellent opportunity to expand your professional horizons without breaking the bank.

Inquiry Based Learning Mini Workshop: Place As Provocation

Organised by EduSpark with Misty Paterson. We are teaching the most materially-endowed generation in history yet we often struggle for quality teaching resources. How can we (re)congnize our surroundings in helpful, and sustainable, ways to promote agency, artistry, and understanding for all learners? Join Misty for a 30 minute workshop to launch an inquiry that will surely wake up new connections! Grab a souvenir and get ready to amplify the people and places that matter to you.

When: April 14, 7am Singapore, 8am Seoul, 9am Sydney

Watch: YouTube | LinkedIn

How to Start a Hard Conversation

In this edEVENTS webinar, learn how to start a challenging conversation with someone when you are frustrated, hurt, or annoyed as opposed to walking away and letting those feelings fester. Presented by Jolene Lockwood from Cognitive Consultancy LLC.

When: April 22, 8am Singapore, 9am Seoul, 10am Sydney

AI-Powered Education: Navigating the Future

Are you curious about what the future holds for education? Join us for a 45-minute webinar with Tony Ryan, a renowned futurist in education, as he explores the exciting possibilities and challenges of the education landscape.

When: April 26, 4pm Singapore, 5pm Seoul, 6pm Sydney

Watch: YouTube | LinkedIn

Looking for more professional learning events? Check the latest listings here on edEVENTS


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