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In The News: Monday 7 Aug, 2023

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

In this compilation of news items, we delve into pressing issues concerning children’s mental health in Australia, Indigenous recognition in Victoria’s education system, the importance of teaching children to adapt to the impact of AI, teacher strikes in England coming to an end, a tuition centre closure in Hong Kong leading to parental concerns, and the overwhelming response to Singapore’s MOE engineering and tech scholarship program. These stories shed light on the various challenges and developments in the education sector across different regions.

Children’s mental health is worsening. Where is the minister for primary kids? Natassia Chrysanthos highlights in this article the urgent need for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to address the growing mental health challenges faced by young children in Australia. – The Guardian

Fourteen new Victorian schools to be given First Nations names to ‘prioritise’ Indigenous recognition Victoria’s state government has fast tracked a school name policy change to ensure that 14 new schools set to open next year will be given Indigenous-language names. – Sydney Morning Herald

How we can teach children so they survive AI – and cope with whatever comes next As various industries start dealing with the current and ever-growing impact of AI, it is important in education that we create a more adaptable and resilient generation. This opinion piece from George Monbiot in the Guardian addresses the issue. The Guardian

Teacher strikes in England end as all four unions accept pay deal Members of England’s National Education Union have voted to accept a 6.5% pay rise. UK inflation sits at 7.9% for June 2023. – BBC News

Hundreds of Hong Kong parents demand money back after tutoring group Brilliant Education abruptly closes doors According to the South China Morning post, a tuition centre in Hong Kong closed its doors surprising parents, as they attempt to get their money back. Brilliant Education, which operated five centres across HK, announced its “historical mission [had] been fulfilled” and all of its branches closed on Saturday. – South China Morning Post

MOE’s engineering and tech scholarship attracts more than 500 applicants in first year “Science and engineering will be fundamental to our quality of life and our livelihoods, now and forever. We hope that you will always retain the strong fundamentals that you have built up, be bold to tinker and explore, be bold to collaborate beyond the conventional disciplines,” said Singapore’s education minister Chan Chun Sing in a recent speech. – The Straits Times


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