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Education Talks returning soon

The Education Talks interview series, a platform for sharing insights from various professionals in the education sector, is set to return for its third season in 2024. Since its inception in late 2022, the series has featured 28 guests from diverse backgrounds within the education industry, offering a range of perspectives and experiences.

The upcoming season will kick off with an interview with Ryan Fahey, a well-known consultant, educator, speaker, and bestselling author. Fahey's recent book, "Listen: How To Be You In A World Where You Can Be Anything," explores the themes of wellness and the impact of remote work on education, making his upcoming interview a potentially valuable resource for those interested in these topics.

The series has been recognized for providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and reflection on various aspects of education and its evolving landscape. The inclusion of voices like Fahey's continues this tradition, offering insights into current trends and challenges in the field.

Education Talks also encourages audience participation in shaping the series. Viewers interested in recommending future guests for the series can do so by contacting the organizers at

The Education Talks series is expected to provide an informative and diverse range of interviews in its third season, contributing to the broader discourse on education. For updates and more information on the series, interested individuals are encouraged to follow the series through its official channels.

Don't miss an episode, subscribe to the EdEvents Community YouTube channel or the Eduation Talks audio podcast on your preferred podcast app.


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