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edEVENTS Workshop: The Importance of Belonging

This is an exciting opportunity to participate in an active workshop with two outstanding educational leaders and coaches, in this first edEVENTS Workshop ‘The Importance of Belonging’. Presented by Audrey Pantelis and Jolene Lockwood, the workshop offers participants the chance to go deep with the presenters as we explore belonging, how to recognise when individuals don’t feel included, and what steps can be taken to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Belonging is essential to creating a sense of connection and community, particularly in school environments. Unfortunately, not all individuals feel included or heard within their school communities. Be empowered to make a difference in your school community and connect with other participants in this workshop for all school staff.

The format will see opening talks from both Audrey and Jolene followed by focused sessions led by each presenter. Participants will also have access to an exclusive ‘The Importance of Belonging’ edEVENTS Group, which will allow for ongoing participation, sharing and collaboration with registered participants.

Tickets are $97 USD and the workshop will last two and half hours. Tickets can be purchased here on the edEVENTS site.

If you have any questions about this professional learning opportunity, please comment below or email us.


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