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Community Groups aim to strengthen connections

The roll out of the Groups directory on the EdEvents Community aims to provide greater connection and opportunities for educators working across international schools, becoming a network that educators can benefit from in a professionally targeted platform.

Each group will have a focus area, such as the recently launched Leadership Group, that will include an online discussion space, shared resources and regular online meetings. This will enable those working in the topic area within schools to have a space to connect with others, share ideas, highlight opportunities and generally have a professional learning network they can stay connected with regardless of moving schools.

The most valuable aspect of these community groups is that they will bring together educators into the EdEvents Community for a wide range of topic areas, and thus maximise awareness of other community groups they may also like to participate in - and after joining EdEvents they can utilise the events, solutions, jobs and schools directories on the platform.

"EdEvents aims to be the media space, the central hub, of the international education community. People may choose to visit the site for one of many reasons, and in doing so discover something else of value," said the founder and Managing Director of EdEvents, David Burke.

"The key to the community groups coming on the platform is maximising the discovering of the different networking groups to connect with, rather than various communities existing separately in different platforms."

"The collective value for educators increases as the community grows. So we're looking to really create maximum awareness of professional opportunities by bringing more and more people together. Basically, keep everyone in the loop," Burke said.

The Leadership Group is holding the first live meeting this Thursday (Feb 15) targeting Middle Leaders, which will follow a Job-Alike format. The session will be facilitated by Jolene Lockwood and will provide those attending with the opportunity to connect live, discuss provocations, learn more about EdEvents and determine the direction of future sessions.

To join the the Middle Leaders Job Alike, see the event listing. More community groups will be launched in the coming weeks.


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