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Going Further with AI: towards the new year and beyond


David Burke

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

The edEVENTS Community invites educators to explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in schools. In the event “Going Further with A.I. in Education,” educator and A.I. expert Ryan Tannenbaum will share insights and reflections, going beyond basic A.I. use to uncover broader applications in education.

Ryan Tannenbaum, owner of For.Education and experienced educator, brings a wealth of knowledge in A.I. technology and its integration in schools. During the event, Ryan will present his findings, followed by an interactive dialogue with attendees.

Key areas covered in the session include leveraging A.I. tools for student learning, improving efficiency through professional use, and developing A.I. curriculum.

The event is free for members of the edEVENTS Community. Register here on this event link on edEVENTS to secure your spot and receive the video conference meeting details.

Join us to tap into the vast potential of A.I. in education. RSVP now and be part of this exciting discussion led by Ryan Tannenbaum.


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