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TRC: Altman's Exit & Bard's Teen Leap - AI's New Era

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TRC: Altman's Exit & Bard's Teen Leap - AI's New Era

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26 Nov, 2023


7:30 PM
8:30 PM

Dive into a compelling one-hour live discussion that navigates the recent pivotal changes in the world of artificial intelligence, particularly focusing on the educational sector. This engaging session will shed light on the implications of major industry shifts, including Altman's notable departure and Bard's significant advancements targeting younger demographics.

Key aspects of the discussion will include:

  • Understanding the impact of recent leadership changes in the AI industry and their broader implications.

  • Analyzing how the introduction of advanced AI tools like Bard is influencing educational methods and student engagement.

  • Exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by rapidly evolving AI technologies in schools.

  • Discussing strategies for educators to adapt to and integrate these technological advancements effectively.

This event is an essential platform for educators, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the intersection of AI and education. It offers a unique opportunity to grasp the current state of AI in education, foresee its future trajectory, and understand how these changes are shaping the learning experience. 

Join us in this insightful exploration of AI's evolving role in education amidst significant industry shifts.


Technology Readiness Council

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