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PHASE Workshop: Optimising Adolescent Female Health

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PHASE Workshop: Optimising Adolescent Female Health

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13 Sep, 2024


4:00 PM
8:00 PM

64% of girls miss school because of their periods (not just PE classes)
41% of 14-16 year old girls say that their periods stop them from participating in sport
Clothing and bra fit are regularly cited barriers to participation with new research also showing impact on athletic performance
60% of women experience at least one pelvic floor symptom within their lifetime yet only 1/12 women seek help for symptoms
On average women experience 7 menopausal symptoms lasting around 7 years and many drop out of the workforce as a result.
A lot of these outcomes are changeable with good education and information yet 80% of teachers feel they don’t have the knowledge or confidence to teach on these sensitive topics

Joint Dynamics Evolve’s passion is to demystify this area and empower those working with adolescent girls to improve awareness, understanding and confidence in addressing these issues to improve overall health and performance. Improving education around menstrual health is a high priority worldwide both in mainstream education and for high level female athletes and promoting the discussion and elevating the conversation is a great place to start. However, the inclusion of pelvic health topics within the school curriculum is a newer initiative following recent guidance and media exposure and resources are few and far between. Our goal is that all girls leave school feeling empowered and equipped to manage pelvic and women’s health ‘life events’.


This workshop will provide education to teachers on these topics and provide real life lesson examples with resources ready made for immediate implementation in the classroom.


We will unpick what is normal for the menstrual cycle, what symptoms may occur and how to manage, how we can use this information to get the best out of our bodies, what impact this can have on sport, performance, recovery and health and how to understand this to get the most out of female athletes whether that be to improve general health, attendance in school and well-being or to optimise high-level athletic performance. The workshop will guide you in how to teach breast and pelvic health topics in a secondary school curriculum, how to support adolescent females through these transitional years and equip them to confidently manage their own health in order to maximize their potential.

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