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How to Start a Hard Conversation

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How to Start a Hard Conversation

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22 Apr, 2023


8:00 AM
8:30 AM

Join us for an insightful session on this  EdEvents Community live stream, where expert facilitator Jolene Lockwood delves into the challenging yet rewarding world of initiating hard conversations in professional environments. Drawing on Brené Brown's pioneering research, Jolene offers a blend of personal experience and practical strategies, guiding viewers through the nuances of engaging in meaningful, albeit difficult, dialogues.

Highlights Include:

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Jolene Lockwood, a certified facilitator in Brené Brown's methodologies.

  • Valuable Insights: Understanding why clarity is kindness and how vagueness can be more harmful than helpful.

  • Practical Strategies: A comprehensive five-step process to approach and manage challenging conversations, emphasizing the importance of environment, body language, and active listening.

  • Interactive Q&A Session: Addressing common concerns, such as handling unresponsive individuals or managing heated discussions.

  • Further Learning Opportunities: Information on the Dare to Lead training for those interested in deepening their understanding and application of these skills.

Whether you're a professional seeking to enhance your communication skills or someone interested in personal development, this webinar offers a wealth of knowledge and actionable tips. Don't miss the chance to gain insights from Jolene Lockwood on how to transform awkward and tough conversations into opportunities for building trust, connection, and a stronger sense of community.

Engage, learn, and transform the way you communicate in challenging situations!

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