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Certified Academics and Admissions Module Product Expert

KazuConnect is dedicated to collaborating with schools that are eager to maximize the potential of the School Information System (SIS) while integrating it seamlessly with other systems. Together, we can explore strategies for improving operational workflows and fostering more effective data communication.

From the founder, Kazuna Soeldner

Before founding my company, I joined my husband on his international teaching journey as a trailing spouse. It was during my time as a database administrator at an international school in Switzerland that I discovered my passion for database management in education.

Over the years, I have worked in various roles, including Admissions Officer and Teaching Assistant, in several international schools in Europe and Asia. I also obtained a teaching degree and served as a Secondary School Teacher. Despite my diverse experiences, my enthusiasm for database management never faded, especially the aspect of collaborating with colleagues. 

In May 2022, I founded KazuConnect Sàrl, a company based in Geneva, Switzerland. My goal is to assist schools in improving their data flow and management practices, leveraging my unique experience and nearly 10 years of expertise in database management. I approach every task with empathy and a commitment to finding best practices. 



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Technology and Innovation, Operational Support


Focus Areas

Database management
Academic data
Admissions and enrolment data
System experience: Veracross, iSAMS and Rediker

Target Level

Secondary, Primary, Early Years

Subject Areas


English, Japanese

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