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Helping international schools get the most out of Google for Education

Remote Admin Training & Support

This ongoing service supports IT Directors to get the most out of their teams. It empowers the school tech team with access to technical team members at Appsevents. It ensures that the school admin team operates consistently at a high level and provides continuity for staff changes and other unforeseen factors. We also offer a full remote admin service.

Comprehensive Security Audit

Appsevents offer a comprehensive security review of your Google Admin Console. The process has been designed with Google for Education and Chrome Enterprise Solutions Engineers and covers all relevant security configurations in your admin console. This is a comprehensive service and we follow up to help you implement the findings.

Free trial of 'Google Workspace Education Plus'

Workspace Education Plus is a hugely upgraded version of Workspace used by leading schools worldwide. You get many additional features for Meet and Classroom, and vastly increased security and admin tools. This version is only available via Google partners, and Appsevents offer you the best pricing, plus our free ongoing top-level support and assistance. We build long-term relationships with the schools we work with to keep them improving year after year.

Google Technical Services

Appsevents provide comprehensive technical support, training, and security audits for Google admins and Directors of Technology.

Why not check out the fantastic premium features of Google workspace Education Plus with this our no-obligation trial for 50 users. It gives you all the enhancements to Meet and Classroom, along with hugely upgraded security and admin tools.

Appsevents partners with some leading solutions for backup, SIS/MIS sync, migrations, and more to help you get the most out of Workspace. Benefit from our additional premium support and preferred pricing.

Are you a Google admin or school IT Manager? Join our ‘Google Technical Community’ for free.

AppsEvents Google Partner

AppsEvents Google Partner

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