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  • David Higginson – From Finance to EdTech

    David Higginson is one of the original founders of SchoolsBuddy, a well established school activities platform. In this interview David Burke asks him about his pathway from the finance industry to establishing a successful EdTech company. Higginson also talks about his next project. An insightful interview, particularly for anyone thinking about venturing into the EdTech industry. One of the tools used to make this video is Streamyard. Follow the link below to sign up and get $10 in credit! Education Talks is a production for the Ed Events Community. Sign-up to keep in touch with this new global community for educators on the website,

  • Craig Randall – Trust Based Observations

    Craig Randall is a Counsellor, Coach, Teacher, Principal, Author, Trainer, and Consultant. He’s also the author of Trust-Based Observations. He offers training in implementing Trust-Based Observations in schools, with the aim to improve the teacher evaluation process. On this episode of Education Talks, Craig shares with us his insights and experiences, on how “Trust-Based Observations” is benefiting teachers and school administrators. Links from discussion: Trust Based Observations website – Buy the book –

  • Andrew McGeehan – DEIJ in International Schools

    Andrew McGeehan is Director at Trident Training and Consulting. Andrew worked in higher education for 12 years before embarking on a new journey and starting his own business. Based in Singapore, Andrew works with organisations and schools that are interested in enhancing their inclusion efforts and creating environments where all people can thrive and be themselves. Education Talks is part of the Ed Events Community, a global community for educators focused on events, solutions and jobs. Please register on the website, to receive updates on the development of this community. Trident Training and Consulting:

  • Cindy Adair – International School Leader

    In this episode of Education Talks, David Burke sat down with Cindy Adair, an accomplished International School senior leader, career counselor, and coach. Cindy currently serves as the assistant principal for professional learning at Bangkok Patana School, where she has been for many years. Cindy discusses her journey to becoming a teacher, her role as assistant principal for professional learning, and what makes Bangkok Patana unique school. She also shares her thoughts on the future of education and exciting projects in the works. Additionally, Cindy provides valuable advice for anyone considering a move to a school in Thailand. Join us as we learn more about Cindy’s experiences and insights in the field of education. Cindy Adair on LinkedIn: Education Talks is part of the Ed Events Community. This is a new space under construction to assist educators in finding events, solutions and jobs. Register your interest in learning more by visiting

  • Michael Iannini – You Don’t Need a Title to Lead

    Michael Iannini is a leadership, strategy and organisational management consultant with PD Academia. Having lived and worked in Asia for the past 23 years, he has great insight into the international education sector, working with various organisations to help them grow and succeed. In this interview, we discuss leadership and the recruitment season in international schools. Links from the discussion:

  • Greshma Momaya – Edu Career Break, Personal Learning

    Greshma Momaya is an EduLeader and Teacher Mentor in India. She has vast experience in roles supporting teachers and parents in many organisations. We hear how she is making a difference to support emotional wellbeing and what she’s discovered through visits to schools focused on alternative approaches in Bangalore, India. Links from discussion: Greshma's LinkedIn: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:

  • Nickolas Hironao Harris – Third Culture Kid to International Teaching

    Nickolas Harris is very much a third culture kid. Having grown up in an international school setting, he’s gone on to become an established and respected international teacher. I wanted to talk to him to find out about his pathway through international school, how this has impacted him as an international teacher, and what he’s passionate about.

  • Kate O’Connell – Educational Leader, Coach, Speaker

    Kate O’Connell, an educational leader, coach and speaker, has over 25 years of experience in education. She’s worked and consulted in 30 schools, in 12 countries on 4 continents. When she visited Bangkok recently, it was a real pleasure to meet up in person and have her as a guest on Education Talks. Connect with Kate: Twitter – LinkedIn – Thanks to Hunter’s Garden and Restaurant in Bangkok for the fantastic location and great lunch -

  • Dr Gihan Jayaweera – GP, speaker, mentor, podcaster

    Dr Gihan Jayaweera is a general practitioner based in Melbourne Australia. He also offers public speaking and training, with a particular interest in supporting teachers. Gihan shares his education journey in becoming a doctor, his Happy Framework and how it can help teachers, as well as his podcast – Solve for Greatness. Links from the discussion: 1. Website: 2. Email: (use the subject “Let’s Dance”) 3. Linkedin: 4. Solve for Greatness Podcast (Gerry Schiller, episode 27)

  • Craig Kemp, Co-Founder of EduSpark

    Craig Kemp is the co-founder and CEO of EduSpark. Previously he had a long career in education, working as a primary teacher and Assistant Principal before to moving to international schools in Singapore, and then working exclusively in EdTech. Learn about his journey from New Zealand to Singapore, what drove him in his quest to establish EduSpark, and what we can all look forward to with this exciting platform. Check out EduSpark: Connect with Craig:

  • Dr. Michael Berry – reflections on school leadership

    Dr Michael Berry is an experienced school leader and education professional, currently serving as the Head of School at Bandung Independent School in Indonesia. With a career spanning almost 3 decades in international school settings, and a Doctorate of Education focused in Educational Leadership, I was keen to chat with him about what makes a good school and what shapes a good school leader. You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn here:

  • Stephen Cook – “grades only get you to the job interview”

    An insightful chat with Stephen Cook, the Director of SCITTS and Overseas Programs at the University of Buckingham, discussing the broader role of education. Stephen also reflects on some personal items such as the impact one teacher had on him, the fulfilment of being a teacher, and his chance of a lifetime to perform at the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. You can contact Stephen via email: Or on Twitter: Learn about studying education at the University of Buckingham:

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