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Livestream: New Tools for ManageBac


David Burke

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Ryan Tannenbaum from For.Education was a guest on an Ed Events Community Live Stream to share two tools that he created to help teachers and administrators in international schools: the DP Term Grade Analytics tool for ManageBac and the OpenAI Report Writer.

The DP Term Grade Analytics tool allows users to visualise and understand their diploma student data. It works by downloading term data from ManageBac and converting it into a file that is easily readable by data analytics tools such as Power BI or Liquor Studio. The tool then provides basic metrics such as average student grade, as well as high and low performing students. It also allows users to delve deeper into the data by looking at subject analytics and grade distributions across subjects.

The second tool, the OpenAI Report Writer and DP Term Grade Tool for ManageBac, is a closed beta extension for ManageBac that will allow users to write report cards using OpenAI’s chat GPT. The tool will be based on student data and is designed to a far more efficient way for teachers to produce accurate report cards.

Overall, both tools are designed to make the process of analyzing and writing report cards easier and more efficient for teachers and administrators in international schools.

This post was produced with the help of Chat GPT-3.


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