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EduSpark joins our community!


David Burke

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

It is wonderful to have EduSpark on board as a community member of the Ed Events Community. EduSpark is a professional learning platform built by educators, offering high-impact courses curated from the best educational minds in the world, and they are a very welcome new member.

EduSpark helps schools solve the many problems around sourcing, deploying and measuring professional learning strategy at scale, supporting leaders to deliver the best professional learning programs school-wide. They constantly listen to their schools and evolve the platform towards becoming a complete professional learning solution.

“Super excited to partner and collaborate with the Ed Events Community,” said co-founder Andrew Mowat.

“We are looking forward to pushing the boundaries together. Education needs PD that better transfers learning effort in to visible positive change.”

Using the platform, teachers and school communities can access a curated collection of courses, hand-selected by a team of experienced educators. Join course creators and other learners in communities of practice and build your professional learning network (PLN) while you learn by signing up at


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