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A Guide to Online Job Alikes for Educators



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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

What Are Job Alikes?

Job Alikes create opportunities for educators in similar roles across various schools to come together. These events are dedicated to exchanging insights, addressing common challenges, and discovering strategies relevant to their work. The goal is to foster an environment of peer learning, networking, and professional advancement.

How to Organise Online Job Alikes

The approach to organising an online Job Alike varies with the group's size and the inclusion of a keynote speaker. Below are streamlined strategies for different scenarios...

For Small Groups:

Format: Promote a single session with open dialogue.


  • Welcome and Introductions: 10 minutes

  • Discussion/Activity: 40 minutes on a specific topic

  • Networking: 10 minutes

For Large Groups:

Format: Implement a structured setup with breakout rooms.


  • Welcome: 5 minutes

  • Keynote or provocation discussion: 20 minutes

  • Breakout Sessions: 30 minutes, by interest, by specific role if relevant

  • Group Sharing: 15 minutes

  • Networking: 10 minutes

With a Keynote:
  • A keynote adds value by providing insights and sparking discussions.

  • Agenda is similar to large groups, with a focus on the keynote presentation.

Without a Keynote:
  • Start with a discussion to engage participants immediately.

  • Agenda can be adjusted for group size, focusing on initial sharing and discussions.

What's a Provocation Discussion?

An example of a provocation discussion for educators might challenge them with a bold statement like, "Traditional classrooms are obsolete in the digital learning age," to stimulate debate and reflection on the impact of technology in education. This approach encourages sharing diverse viewpoints and experiences, deepening understanding among participants.

Key Recommendations:

  • Engagement: Use interactive tools like polls and whiteboards.

  • Flexibility: Adapt the agenda based on feedback.

  • Follow-Up: Summarise the session, share resources, and encourage networking.

  • EdEvents Groups can make use of the online group features for continued discussion and sharing of resources after the meeting. This can also encourage new group members to take part in future meet ups, as they immediately see the community collaboration.

Several of the community groups in the EdEvents Groups directory are planning to host online Job Alikes. Online Job Alikes are an effective way to enhance professional development. By selecting the appropriate format, you can create a meaningful experience for educators, encouraging growth and community building.

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