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All-in-One Learning Management System

Vedubox is a learning management system, that enables schools to teach their students online. Vedubox is an all-in-one system for managing e-learning content, creating exams, giving certificates, selling courses and much more.

Vedubox is an "All-in-One Online Training System" developed for the needs of companies and educational institutions.

With our system that includes features such as online learning management, exams, certification, live training management, content management, course sales, portal, and community management, you can gain advantages in employee training, dealer & partner training, and customer training.

Some of Vedubox’s comprehensive features and modules:

  • LMS & CMS: Create and upload course contents and assignments to the system

  • Question, Exam & Certification Module: Enable assessments, quizzes, automatic grading, and certifications.

  • Live Training Management: schedule meetings & webinars (Zoom, Google Meet, Webex and others) and reporting

  • Event Module: Conducting online events such as workshops, seminars, panels, congresses etc.

  • Replay Module: Cloud storage management for recording Video Conference & Webinar

  • Training Sales Module: Monetize your course material via an optional payment portal (your marketplace, create your udemy)

  • Social Learning: a main dashboard provides a portal as a shared space where people can interact with each other and share if allowed.

  • Web page: Create your landing page inside the system

  • Gamification: Let your users earn points for activities such as training participation, homework submission, and the number of logins per day!

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Help schools with Training, Courses & Schools, Tutoring, Webinars with Premium Features

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Primary, Secondary, Early Years, Boarding


English, Turkish, Arabic, French, Azerbaijani, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Albanian, Uzbek, Kazakh

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