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Nourishing belonging with mindfulness and social-emotional learning

Upstream Collaborative was created with the hope that increasing access to social-emotional learning and mindfulness practices in schools will lead to greater resilience and flourishing in a world where wellbeing is an increasingly challenging state to achieve.

Most schools in the international community believe in the importance of integrating these practices for their students, teachers, parents, and staff community, but at the same time, it can be daunting to decide where to start.

Kailyn Fullerton, founder of Upstream Collaborative, aims to help make mindfulness and SEL accessible and understandable to the international school community. She is eager to support your school with professional learning, school culture assessments, and change management consulting to ensure that the entire community can grow together.

Kailyn is a former international school educator, a meditation teacher, certified facilitator for multiple SEL programs (SEE Learning, 6 Seconds, Circle Solutions), emotional intelligence assessor, and doctoral candidate at Antioch University (studying the influence of mindfulness-based SEL with international educators). She has seen firsthand the transformational impact of these practices on her own personal and professional life, and wants nothing more than to help others have the same.

We are able to support schools and educators both online and in person.

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