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The AI Speech Analytics Company

Engaging in high-quality oracy practices deepens understanding and is linked with improved test scores, exam grades, greater knowledge retention, vocabulary acquisition and reasoning skills. However, with class sizes 43% higher in Southeast Asia, less than 25% of class time is spent on oral skills. Teachers are overworked and students receive little to no individual feedback.

To solve this we developed Speechsquare, an AI speech tutor for educators, speech therapists, and more. Our AI identifies segments of speech which need improvement, providing learners with personalized feedback and instructors with valuable analytics.

Our platform allows instructors to quickly generate thousands of contextual interactions in 14 languages by subject, keyword or by uploading their own lesson plans.

Through these interactions, Speechsquare’s AI driven feedback system shows Students, down to the syllable, where they were not understood and works with them to improve.  With any specific areas of difficulty highlighted to instructors, allowing them to focus on higher learning when with the student.

Our AI Speech recognition replaces outdated waveform comparison which breaks when taking gender, accent and environment into account. By removing irrelevant differences, we ensure learners are understood, and not compared.

Speechsquare is currently Free for Educators though our Demo partners initiative!

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