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Singapore Professional Development Network
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Singapore Professional Development Network


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Singapore International Schools Learning Together

The Singapore Professional Development Network is a collection of schools across Singapore committed to working together to provide more cost effective and better quality professional learning for educators across the country. Schools are free to share any professional learning where there would be a benefit from working and learning together with professionals from other schools.


The network is committed to supporting cost effective delivery of professional learning for all schools involved.

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Singapore Professional Development Network

Available Positions:


Client schools...

Focus Areas

Providing world class professional learning events and support for educators across Singapore, united through collaboration.

Subject Areas

ADMINISTRATION, Arts, Career and Technical Education (CTE), Civics, Computer Science, Critical Thinking, Environmental Studies, Ethics and Values, Gifted and Talented, Health, History, Language Arts, Language Learning, Life Skills, Maker Education, Mathematics, Mother Tongue, Physical Education, STEAM, STEM, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Wellbeing

Target Level

Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Boarding



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Singapore Professional Development Network

Upcoming Events:


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