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A complete professional learning platform for educators and their schools

EduSpark focuses on both curated learning design and shaping engagement so that educators get the most out of the effort and cost of professional development. We aspire to better transfer of skills, behaviours, actions and mindset, so that these become observable improvements.

EduSpark brings a range of opportunities and collaborations with EdEvents. We provide access to a growing ‘faculty’ of thought leaders, authors, experts and course creator. We also offer cutting edge adult learning processes built around generative conversation and learning relationships.



We deeply focus on the transfer of learning effort into observable development through our learning culture, our constantly developing functionality and our contemporary learning design.



Built by educators for educators. Unlike many platforms that focus on marketing or compliance, our deep education heritage ensures that we match the technology to the true needs of schools and educators.



We help schools solve the many problems around sourcing, deploying and measuring professional learning strategy at scale, supporting leaders to deliver the best professional learning programs school-wide.



We don’t ask schools to fit the technology, this platform adapts to the learning needs of your school community. We constantly listen to our schools and evolve EduSpark towards becoming a complete professional learning solution.

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Focus Areas

Wide range of tailored PD programs
Adult learning design consultancy
Professional learning ecosystem
School course building capability

Subject Areas

Target Level

Early Years, Primary, Secondary



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