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Eddy – the Educator’s Buddy
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Eddy – the Educator’s Buddy

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Bringing emerging and future-ready technologies into your classroom

Have you looked at a colleague use tech for deeper learning, and thought “I wish I could do that”? Teaching innovatively with technology might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Eddy’s tech-infused lesson plans – and other resources – help you engage your students, and prepare them for an uncertain future.

Browse our award-winning emerging tech lesson packages – we include all the resources you need to “plug and play” in the classroom. Eddy features lessons for 1st through 6th grades, with more on the way!

Ready to take your learning to the next level? Our micro-learning courses are designed to help you integrate emerging tech into your day-to-day lessons. Before long, you’ll be designing tech-infused lessons like a pro!

Maker education is entrenched in our DNA. Check out lesson plans, activities and unit plans designed to support digital or analog Maker adventures in the classroom, curated from our archives.

Join for free today, and discover a whole new world of tech integration and Maker-centric learning.

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Eddy – the Educator’s Buddy

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Lesson packages
e-learning for educators
Professional learning community

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STEAM, STEM, Maker Education

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Primary, Secondary



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Eddy – the Educator’s Buddy

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