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Daigon Esports
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Daigon Esports

United Kingdom

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Every Student Empowered. 
Esports for a Future-Ready School

Daigon Esports Ltd, a UK company focusing on providing Esports and Gaming services to International Schools around the World.

More teens today play video games than traditional sports. Despite all this, most teens across the world don’t have access to structured amateur esports like they do traditional sports. Indeed, unlike traditional sports, there are no team-based rankings or recurring fixed-team leagues, resulting in an unsatisfactory experience. DAIGON is here to fix that.

The mission of Daigon Esports is to promote the growth of Esports in international schools through the establishment of after-school gaming clubs, a competitive Esports league, and the International School Safe Queue.

We want to provide the 2.3 million teens in international schools across the globe with the opportunity to participate in structured amateur esports. Especially since esports provides an incredible opportunity for international schools to promote the global exposure of their students and reinforce international competitions without the expensive and time-intensive traveling.

Head over to our website to bring esports to your school!

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Daigon Esports

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Focus Areas

Unlocking 21st Century Skills, Fostering Inclusion, Charting New Success Pathways

Subject Areas

STEM, STEAM, Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Target Level

Primary, Secondary, Early Years



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Daigon Esports

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