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Cognitive Consultancy LLC
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Cognitive Consultancy LLC

United States

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Leadership coaching and consulting for educators

Jolene Lockwood is the founder of Cognitive Consultancy LLC. As an experienced teacher and educational leader in US and international schools, combined with her expertise and qualifications as a leadership coach in schools and other organisations, the edEVENTS Community is proud to recommend Cognitive Consultancy to schools. 

In the last 15 years, Jolene has trained and certified over 175 leaders in the Dare to Lead program and over 200 educators in Cognitive Coaching across the globe. Additionally, she has presented workshops at international conferences such as the EARCOS Leadership Conference, ASCD, and ECIS respectively. She pairs her Cognitive Coaching and Dare to Lead™️ skills to train, coach, and consult for individuals and leadership teams and is excited to see people’s lives and workplaces transformed.

Offering coaching for aspiring leaders, school leadership support, and improvement in school culture and climate, all sessions with Jolene can be conducted in person or online.

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Cognitive Consultancy LLC

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Focus Areas

Dare to Lead Training
Aspiring Leaders
School Leadership
Culture and Climate

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Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Early Years



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Cognitive Consultancy LLC

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