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Coaching Confidante

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A Trusted Partner, a Confidante- supporting school leaders with teacher retention and recruitment

Teacher Turnover: A Costly Challenge💸

In every industry, employee attrition drains both money and productivity. The age-old wisdom of 'hire right and keep them happy' remains crucial today. However, a startling 51% of current employees are actively seeking new opportunities (Gallup's State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report), with 57.3% leaving their job (Zipia, Employee Turnover Statistics, Feb. 2023). These statistics are even more troubling for school leaders that are challenged by teacher attrition.

The silver lining lies in solutions for teacher turnover, provided school leaders listen and respond to employee needs. Often, employees hesitate to share the true reasons for leaving, fearing repercussions for future references.

I am the CONFIDANTE— the consultant employers hire to uncover genuine employee needs. I confidentially gather, analyze, and report out on employee challenges; collaborating with school leaders to implement strategic responses. In essence, I contribute to organisations' cost savings and safeguard against student learning disruptions by supporting the retention of high-quality staff and recruiting teachers with a higher likelihood of long-term commitment.

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Teacher Retention and Recruitment, Human Resources Solutions, Strengths-based Leadership Coaching, and Professional Development

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Primary, Early Years, Secondary



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